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Fusion Capitalism is a conservative vision and platform for addressing one of mankind’s biggest threats. The science of climate change is now incontrovertible, so it’s time to turn threat into opportunity, ingenuity into enterprise, and leadership into American destiny.

In his new book, Steve Melink tells his story about the traditional values learned in a large Catholic family. In searching for success, he found his company, but more importantly, he found purpose. His message is a tribute to entrepreneurism and capitalism … and the world’s most powerful energy source. While solar, wind, and battery technologies are revolutionizing the world, many politicians in Washington and state capitols are stuck in the past.  Steve urges the right to get on the right side of history.  It will take bold action to win the greatest race of all time: The Clean Energy Revolution!

Steve Melink &
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Steve Melink is founder and chairman of Melink Corporation, a Cincinnati-based company providing energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions for the world.  With over thirty years of experience, Steve is on the forefront of clean energy technologies, zero energy buildings, and a zero-carbon future.

Melink’s customers include Apple, Google, Facebook, Walmart, Target, McDonalds, Starbucks, Hilton, Hyatt, Marriott, Publix, Proctor & Gamble, the U.S. Army, and many top universities across the country. Additionally, Steve serves as a board member on the Midwest Renewable Energy Association Advisory Board.

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In his landmark book, Fusion Capitalism – A Clean Energy Vision for Conservatives, Steve Melink explains how clean energy is the greatest opportunity of the 21st century. Not only will it save our planet from the worst scenarios of climate change, it will improve our national and global economy, security, and health at the same time.  These cumulative savings and benefits are in total alignment with conservative principles and values.

Moreover, Steve makes the compelling case that sustainability should be added to the core American values of freedom, equality, and justice. This is because a future that is not assured and promising to our children and grandchildren falls short of what our Founding Fathers and subsequent patriots and heroes envisioned … and sacrificed for, putting everything on the line, including their lives, fortunes, and scared honor.

A true leader of our times, grounded in faith, family, and traditional values, Steve Melink advocates for the U.S. to serve as a better role model for other countries on how to use wealth, power, and free markets for the higher purpose of making the world a better place for future generations.


“It’s time for a new generation of American business, government, and education leaders to rise to the challenge – and opportunity.”

Clean energy pioneer and leader, Steve Melink walks the talk when it comes to sustainability. His company, Melink Corporation, operates in two Net-Zero Energy headquarters and most of his employees drive electric and hybrid vehicles. Plus, his residence is net-zero and he personally drives an electric car powered by solar arrays at his home and work.

More importantly, his book, Fusion Capitalism, shows how clean energy is proven, practical, and profitable for everyone, including businesses, schools, governments, and homeowners.  This isn’t a pie-in-the-sky view of the future, its already here … and those who start taking advantage of it today will gain the most. His message is one of empowerment!

Visit for a tour and hear Steve’s inspiring words in person.  For a keynote brimming with optimism for America’s future, you can request his availability below.

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The Clean Energy Revolution is coming … are you going to thrive or just survive?

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