How to Make ‘ESG’ Reporting a Competitive Advantage

As the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) movement continues gaining momentum in the corporate world, many companies fail to understand the breadth and depth of support for the underlying reporting expectations. Everyone from customers, employees, and regulators want to know that your company does not make a net negative impact on society. Just because you […]

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Climate Change Is A Social Justice Issue

It’s time for CEOs and business leaders to start their transition to clean energy. Now This is because climate change is not only an environmental problem that is heating up our planet, it is fast becoming a safety and health problem for millions of Americans living in every part of our country. And this makes […]

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Sunrise over Melink headquarters

The 2050 Climate Pledge Cop-Out

One of the top trends in Corporate America today is companies pledging zero-carbon emissions to show leadership on the climate crisis.  It seems every week another industry giant is publicly announcing its commitment to this goal by 2030, 2040, or 2050. This is a step in the right direction, of course, given the magnitude of […]

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Solar panels on top of building

Every Building Should Become a Solar Electric Plant

Okay, your company spends only about 5% of its P&L on energy. Naturally, you think there are bigger opportunities than worrying about your energy spend, right? You know, things like cost of goods and services sold, salaries and wages, and perhaps your capital expenditure budget. Besides, you’re not in the energy supply or solar business, […]

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What’s Your Brand?

It’s widely understood in the business world that a company’s brand is its most important asset. This is because a company’s brand represents the essence of its reputation in the marketplace. How customers, employees, and other stakeholders perceive and engage any particular brand—whether with indifference, contempt, respect, or enthusiasm—has everything to do with its operational […]

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Solar Power Can Revolutionize Your Business

Now that the Biden Administration is in full swing, most of the discussion relating to the climate crisis and clean energy is what the federal government should do to mitigate long-term risks and propel our economy forward in the 21st century. After all, the climate crisis is too big of a problem for individuals and everyday […]

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